Is Ang Khang steep?

With only 25km, 11km climbing zone in Hors Category +10 +20 +30%. Maximum at 34%. Classic. The closer to the top, the more steep it gets. If you bring a small cassette, there are chances you will be on your feet. Many cyclists surrendered to the famous Landslide Segment which has 3 turns. And.. Don't be surprised if your Garmin reads more than 11km for the climbing zone because you will most likely gain few more kilometers doing zigzag to survive the brutal last 8km with average +13% grade. Segment with +8% will be your resting zone.

#1 Segment:
Welcome Climb

You will have fun on this very first segment, or be among those who will have to walk up hill. 1.4km with average grade of 20%. And.. A short 28% is waiting to surprise and bite those who bring small cassette.

A Small Downhill Is Not A Heaven

You will think attacking when you see downhill segment. It's a short one once you have reached top of the Welcome Climb, only 800-meters. Note: Every downhill will follow with a steep climb. Save your reserve. You will have a lot of fun. We promise.

Highlight of the Route

"Landslide Segment"

Scenery: 10/10
Difficulty: Could be tricky
Gradient: Don't be deceived 🙂

This segment has 3 sets that will test your legs and mind. The first one is a long demanding zone. We call it "Captain." The second one, "Airport Escalator", will be your resting zone in +8% grade. The last one is "the Boss", long and very steep. Be sure to take some rest on "Airport Escalator" because once you reach "the Boss" you will need those reserve in your legs. It is so steep and long that, with a good look up, you will not see the end of "the Boss." Tricky....  We call it Landslide because this part of the road was rebuilt after a landslide cause by a heavy rain.

And We Love This One
"Walking Dead Segment"

Many strong climbers surrendered to this segment from pushing too hard earlier and from bringing a wrong cassette. Use 28 if you want to have fun. But.. If you stop, it would be difficult to get on your bike again because it is so steep. We recommend 34 because..,

we want to see you riding all the way up. Not walking dead like zombie.